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History of the 20th Century, 2/e

Howard Graves

Published June, 1997 by Prentice Hall Pearson Custom Publishing

Copyright 1997, pp.
ISBN 0-536-00082-4

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Written in an entertaining, reader-friendly style, this book clearly compares and contrasts the major events from the early 1800s through the 1900s and offers insights of the similarities that link our past to our present. The emphasis is on Europe and the United States until the 1940s. In an once revered style of teaching, Professor Graves interjects his own emotions, speculations, and even opinions to bring the wonders and mystery back into history courses.
Additionally, the author discusses how the limited ways in which humans respond to a given set of circumstances result in foreseeable manners in which the ruling powers of nations have and will respond to similar conditions. This book helps students understand the relevance of recent history. It adds meaning to the unprecedented series of events and change we have witnessed in the 20th Century and helps students build insight into what may lie ahead.


A reader-friendly and entertaining survey of the 20th Century.
Clearly explains the major historical personalities, ideas and events of the 19th and 20th Centuries and helps students see their effects on the 20th Century.
Emphasizes Europe and the United States and their global effect as colonizers.
"Professor Wayback" sections interject the author's own historical perspectives -adding voice and life to the pages of history.
Discusses how the limited ways in which humans respond to a given set of circumstances can result in foreseeable range of reactions by ruling powers.
Ponders the striking similarities that inexorably link the past to the present.

Table of Contents

    Setting the Stage for the 20th Century.
    The Origins of World War I.
    The Aftermath of World War I.
    A Strange Turn of Events in Russia: The Russian Revolution of 1917 and the Birth of Communism.
    The United States in the 1920s: Boom Times, Neutrality, and a Self Consumed Attitude the Worked for a While.
    The Third American Revolution: Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal.
    Grim Times in Europe, And Treachery in the German Heartland.
    Japan Decides to Abandon the Past: The Emergence of an Asian Empire.
    A Brief Look at the Soviet Union: The Fall of the Founding Fathers, And a New Path for Communism.
    A Brief OVerview of World War II, And the Final Days of Conflict.
    The Origins and Nature of the Cold War.
    Of Wars, Walls, and Missiles: The Cold War Heats Up.
    The Chinese Communist Revolution: A Story of Civil War and the Restructuring of China.
    A Tale of Three Countries: France and the United States in Vietnam.
    The Middle East: A Tale of Oil, Israel, and Revolution.
    Africa: A continent in Turmoil.
    Welcome to the 21st Century: The State of the World in the Late 20th Century.


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