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Handbook of Real Estate Terms Revised, 2/e

Dennis S. Tosh, University of Miss.
Nicholas O. Ordway

Published May, 1991 by Prentice Hall Career & Technology

Copyright 1992, 512 pp.
ISBN 0-13-376070-7

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An invaluable reference, this dictionary is a must have for anyone involved in real estate. Includes up-to-date terms and definitions that are cross- referenced to help readers become familiar with similiar words, or words that convey a related concept.


contains over 2,000 up-to-date terms and definitions, especially useful for distinguishing between similar words that convey a related concept
cross-references all entries
includes the latest terms affecting the industry, particularly those involving appraisal and the S&L bailouts

Table of Contents

    Real Estate Terms.
    Appendices. A: Abbreviations. B: Real Estate Organizations. C: Real Estate Commissions. D: Real Estate Forms.


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