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Roadways to Success, 1/e

Robert M. Sherfield, Community College of Southern Nevada
James C. Williamson, Central Carolina Technical College
Debra A. McCandrew, Florence Darlington Technical College

Published December, 1996 by Prentice Hall Career & Technology

Copyright 1997, 276 pp.
ISBN 0-205-18788-9

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Roadways to Success is intended for the remedial study skills market. These courses are often no-credit or one-credit courses offered at community colleges, technical colleges and two-year programs of universities. Often, those enrolled in these courses are provisionally accepted to college pending the successful completion of the course. This engagingly written, interactive text encourages remedial students to develop their academic and personal skills. Its self-discovery journey format gives students the tools to help raise their self-esteem, become more effective, develop personal responsibility and lead them to a brighter future.


Each chapter opens with real-life stories (vignettes) of students who struggled with and overcame many of the obstacles typically faced by new students.
Includes “Self-Study” assessment sections in each chapter to help students assess where they stand in relation to chapter content.
Provides a multitude of write-in activities and exercises intended to actively involve students in their own development.
Presents a unique chapter on self-esteem.

Table of Contents

    1. Fine Tuning Your Vehicle: Recognizing Your Potential and Building Self-Esteem.
    2. Mapping Your Journey: Goal Setting and Motivation.
    3. Planning to Reach Your Destination on Time: Time Management.
    4. Sights, Sounds and Sensations: Information Processing and Learning Styles.
    5. Scanning the Radio: The Powerful Art of Listening.
    6. Charting Your Journey: The Process of Note Taking.
    7. Driver Training: Learning How to Study.
    8. Obtaining Your License: Test-Taking Strategies.
    9. Stopping to Ask For Directions: Campus Resources.
    10. Enjoying the Journey: Understanding the Professorate.
    11. Reaching Your Destination: Career Planning.


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