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Ohio Real Estate Law, 6/e

J.D., K. Irvin, Attorney at Law
J.D., D. Irvin, Attorney at Law

Published August, 1996 by Prentice Hall Career & Technology

Copyright 1997, 416 pp.
ISBN 0-13-777095-2

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This practical guide to understanding real estate law meets all Ohio state education standards for the required Real Estate Law course. Actual case briefs allow students to apply their knowledge in the "real-world."


Real-world case briefs from Ohio and federal courts.
Federal laws that override Ohio state laws are fully disclosed.
Explains how the differences between state and federal laws affect the real estate industry.
More than 60 illustrations and tables.
Hypothetical Situation examples of concepts throughout prepare students for situations they will face as practitioners.
Chapters open with Key Terms.
End-of-chapter review questions.
End-of-chapter Summary of Content.
A 600-term glossary of important terminology. =   
NEW--General revision to reflect law and statute changes.
NEW--Updated discussion on agency law and disclosure.
NEW--Additional Case Briefs clearly explaining federal cases in which the federal law overrides Ohio state law.

Table of Contents

    Case Studies.
    1. Basic Law.
    2. Land as Property.
    3. Estate and Interests in Land.
    4. Several and Joint Ownership.
    5. Deeds.
    6. Contracts.
    7. Legal Aspects of Finance, Foreclosure, and Liens.
    8. The Real Estate Closing and Proof of Title.
    9. Agency and Liability.
    10. Ohio Real Estate License Law.
    11. Fair Housing.
    12. Control and Regulation of Land.
    13. Landlord-Tenant Law.
    14. Decedents' Estates.
    Practice Materials: Contracts.


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