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Random Signal Processing, 1/e

Dwight F. Mix, University of Arkansas

Published August, 1995 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1996, 450 pp.
ISBN 0-02-381852-2

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Beginning with excellent background material, this book makes the study of random signal analysis manageable and easily understandable.

With comprehensive and detailed coverage of Wiener filtering and Kalman filtering, this book presents a coherent treatment of estimation theory and an in-depth look at detection (or template matching) theory for communication and pattern recognition.

    1. Introduction.
    2. Probability.
    3. Random Variables.
    4. Random Vectors.
    5. Signal Analysis Techniques.
    6. Stochastic Processes.
    7. Least-Square Techniques.
    8. Optimum Filtering.
    9. Template Matching.
    Appendix A: Table of Normal Curve Areas.
    Appendix B: Gauss-Jordan Matrix Inversion.
    Appendix C: Symbolic Differentiation.

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