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Real Estate Market Analysis, 1/e

N. Carn

Published November, 1996 by Prentice Hall Career & Technology

Copyright 1988, pp.
ISBN 0-13-763368-8

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Examines approaches for both site-specific and non-site specific forms of market analysis: and lists factors and suggested models for collecting and analyzing primary data of specific types. Requires background in real estate principles.


examines methodologies that rely on primary data for major types of real estate
synthesizes relevant theories from urban economics, marketing, real estate, and other fields

Table of Contents

    Real Estate Analyses That Focus on the Market.
    Real Estate Market Research in Strategic Project Planning.
    Analyzing the Local Economic Environment.
    Defining the Market and Elements of the Study.
    Analyzing the Subject Property and Its Competitive Environment.
    The Physical Elements: Location and Site Analysis.
    Housing Market Economics.
    Empirical Residential Market Analysis.
    Market Analysis for Retail Space.
    Forecasting the Demand for Retail Space.
    Office Market Analysis.
    Techniques of Performing Office Market Analysis.
    Data for Market and Marketability Studies.
    Primary Data.


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