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  • Answer all queries posed by the Copyeditor.
  • Give careful thought to editorial suggestions-if the Copyeditor has misunderstood a concept so might the reader.
  • Make all minor changes on the manuscript. Write changes of sentence length on paper attached to the side of the manuscript page at the specific point needed. Type longer changes on a new page.
  • Use a pencil of different color than that used by the copyeditor.
  • Note the due date for return of your manuscript- you must complete your work on time for the book to remain on schedule.
  • Resolve any outstanding permission or art problems.


  • Go over each aspect of the artwork and carefully check labels, figure identification, and accuracy.
  • Return the copies as soon as possible with changes clearly indicated.
  • Verify that photos correspond to text material.


  • See page 10 for standard proofreading notations and information.
  • Note the time allotted by the Production Editor for you to proofread each batch of proofs.
  • Do not make lengthy revisions, but correct typographical errors.
  • Answer all queries on the proof, placing answers directly on the proof.
  • Check facts, dates, statistics, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Make sure all technical material and equations have been executed correctly.
  • Complete each proof, initial it, and then return the batch and corresponding manuscript to us as it is checked.
  • Check that errors have not been introduced into any lines reset as a result of corrections.
  • Confirm that illustrations are positioned properly in relation to the text.
  • On each page, check the running head, and page number, and read the proofs one last time.
  • Try to eliminate costly changes that affect the number of characters on a line and the number of lines on a page.
  • Use the duplicate page proofs to record all corrections and (if applicable) to prepare your index.
  • Return the master set of page proofs to us.


  • Check the spelling of your name and affiliation.
  • Check the names of those you've acknowledged.
  • Check the accuracy of all other information.
  • Any errors? Call your Production Editor immediately
  • Return the Master Set of page proofs to us and keep the duplicate proofs for your files.


  • While you are proofreading, underline on the duplicate page proofs key terms that should appear in your index.
  • After returning the master page proofs to us refer to your marked duplicate proofs to prepare your index.
  • Keep the reader in mind and make the index simple but thorough.
  • Type the index and make a copy.

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