Prentice Hall Author Guide

Electronic Production Guidelines

Our page layout programs of choice are QuarkXpress and FrameMaker. The preferred illustration program is Adobe Illustrator. If any other program has to be used, it must first be approved by the Production Manager. At Prentice Hall, all electronic files received from authors are converted into a Macintosh format for production.

Files can be accepted from DOS, Windows and Macintosh platforms as long as they are saved in an appropriate file format.

Page Layout

  • Text files with Style Sheets applied can be imported into the page layout program. Preferred word processing programs are Microsoft Word and WordPerfect.

  • Do not perform extensive formatting and page layout functions in the word processing program, most of it will not translate correctly during the conversion process or when importing into the page layout program.

  • Build documents in QuarkXpress or FrameMaker to trim size of project.

  • Bleed elements off the document by .125" (in FrameMaker enter a minus -.125" in the graphic properties).

  • Build document by chapters. Make sure the H&J settings are the same for all chapters.

  • Have "Convert Quotes" checked when importing ASCII documents.

  • Run "Spell Check" on all documents.

  • In Quark, check "Picture Usage" in the Utilities menu. Update all missing or modified graphic elements.

  • Use Find/Change to delete extra spaces.

  • Check overflow boxes for hidden text.

  • Check for widows and orphans.

  • Use Adobe Fonts #1-360 only. If circumstances call for additional fonts, check with a Production Coordinator or Editorial Production Manager before using them.

  • For printed projects, use Postscript fonts, not TrueType fonts.

  • Delete all unused colors from the color menu.

  • Set trap amount in QuarkXpress to .25 pt. in Edit/Preferences/Trapping. Turn off process trap.

  • Group text and graphic overlay objects to art.

  • Name all files and graphics according to Simon & Schuster's filenaming conventions. If you have not received a copy, please request one from the Project Coordinator.

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