Prentice Hall Author Guide

Line Art

Before drafting submit sample files for evaluation:

  • Draft art to size.

  • Use Adobe Fonts #1-360 only. If circumstances call for additional fonts, check with a Production Coordinator or Editorial Production Manager before using them.

  • If using an uncommon font as part of the illustration only (not in the page layout as text), consider creating outlines of the font so it will not be needed to output the file.

  • Reflective line art should be scanned at 800-1200 dpi, Streamlined when appropriate and re-drafted in Adobe Illustrator.

  • If using alternative vector line-based illustration programs, save the art in an .eps format and remember to supply the original native versions of the file along with the .eps file.

  • Trap all art that is 2 color or more within the illustration program.

  • Traps should be .25 pt. unless specified otherwise by the printer. If creating a stroke around an element to be the trap, make the stroke .5 pt. (because a stroke draws from the center out, only .25 pt. will overprint the background.)

  • Set black text and rules to overprint if it prints over a tint. When appropriate, large black objects, text and rules over a tint should have a stroke trap set instead of overprinting.

  • Delete all custom colors not used within the illustration.

  • Define colors used in art files with the same name and values as colors defined in the page layout files.

  • If importing any raster images into vector illustration files, be sure they are hi- resolution, converted to the CMYK color space and supplied when submitting final files.

  • Set labels and leaders on a separate named layer for editorial purposes.

  • Group masked objects. Do not mask objects from different layers.

  • Name all files and graphics according to Simon & Schuster's filenaming conventions. If you have not received a copy, please request one from the Project Coordinator.

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