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Screen Captures

  • Use screen capture as a technique for saving image files only when appropriate. Never substitute screen capture for actually saving your image files in an appropriate format in the native image application software.

  • The quality of color screen captures is determined by many factors including the video card installed in the computer being used to do the capturing, the color model, the capabilities of the capture program, and conversion and sizing methods. For every project that includes screen captures, testing of sample files should be performed prior to production process.

  • HiJaak for Windows as the capture program, using either SCREENCAPTURE, Blues, or Windows Default color models, yields acceptable color results. Be aware that other color models may yield an unsightly screen patterning or Moiré. From a design point of view, it should be decided which color model is to be used.

  • Capture all screens at 100% of full screen or window size, taking care not to resize or input an interpolated higher resolution than the typical monitor default of 72 DPI (MAC) or 96 DPI (Windows) in the capture program. Be consistent when capturing if one has control over the window size.

  • The most preferred file format for screen capture is color PICT, the least preferred being PCX.

  • Screen captures need to be converted for print media via Adobe Photoshop. The captures should be converted to either Grayscale or CMYK color mode.

  • Screen capture Black text - If the project is a CMYK project, it should be decided what kind of black text is appropriate - black text consisting of 100% black only, or black text consisting of CMYK values.

  • CMYK black text, a result of the Photoshop default conversion to CMYK, is sometimes preferred because it tends to appear "heavier" when printed on press. It appears heavier because registration on press is never perfect enough to print small elements containing multiple tints.

  • Some feel CMYK screen capture text is simply "blurry" and prefer 100% black only text. To generate 100% black text in a screen capture, the Preferences, Separation Setups in Photoshop need to be set to Black Generation MAXIMUM before the conversion to CMYK.

  • Converted screen captures should be saved as either TIFF or EPS file format. There is no need to resize the screen capture in Photoshop, scaling the screen capture down in the page layout program yields acceptable results.

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