Prentice Hall Author Guide
Manuscript Submission Checklist


Author. It is necessary for you to complete this form and return it with your manuscript.



  • If more than one author, who will be the contact author (the one who will review edited manuscript and proofs)?

  • Should materials be sent to the contact author's home or office?

  • If you plan to travel during the next year, please let us know as soon as possible and send us an itinerary. Such plans may affect the scheduling of your book

Office address of contact author.__________________________Phone______________

Home address of contact author___________________________Phone______________

  • Please indicate what kind of word processor or personal computet has been used to keyboard your manuscript:

  • What software?


1.Please reread your Authors Guide and your Authors Guide to Electronic Manuscripts.

2.Please send us original manuscript and keep a duplicate for yourself. Make sure any changes made on the original are also marked on your duplicate.

3 Please send sample disk for one chapter (or more) along with corresponding hard copy, for testing immediately.

4 All manuscript pages should be 81/2 x 1 1. If tear sheets (pages removed from other books) are used for revisions, they should be pasted up on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

5.Type (do not write) on only one side of the page.

6.Type double-spaced.

7. Send a complete manuscript including such things as questions, glossary, and preface.

8. Return this completed form with your manuscript

Check the elements that are included in your manuscript

Title page _____________ Quotations in text____________Answers_______________

Dedication_____________ in chapter openings__________ Glossary_______________

Table of contents_________Bibliography ______________ Foreword_______________

Footnotes______________ Illustrations________________(written by another)

Questions______________ Figure captions_____________ Preface________________

References ___________ Acknowledgments___________ Appendices____________

  • If any element that you've checked is not with the manuscript or is not complete, please list the element below and indicate when the missing material will be sent.

9.1/1875J (I 1/88)

  • Is any portion of the text such as part of a chapter, not included? If so, please indicate what is missing.

Will your book include an index? Yes_____No_____ If yes will you compile it?Yes_____ No_____ Or should we engage a professional indexer and charge the fee against your royalties? Yes_____No______


  • Number of line drawings______Number of photographs________

  • Is position of illustrations indicated in the manuscript? Yes___ No____

  • Will any illustrations be reproduced directly from copy you have provided? Yes____No____ (For example, are you planning to use art from previous editions? _______from other books you have written?_______ or from books or articles by other authors?______ If you have a reproducible copy of an illustration, please send us that and not a duplicate.


  • Please check pages 7-18 of the Authors Guide to determine what types of material require permission. Check if your manuscript is accompanied by the following:

Completed Permissions Checklist___________

Complete permissions file________________

  • Please indicate if your manuscript contains the following elements that have been taken from other sources and require permission:

Quotations: Poetry ______________________

in text__________ Music ______________________

in chapter openings_______ Song Lyrics_______________________

Tables/charts/maps_________ Letters____________________________

Illustrations_______________Business and/or court cases_____________


  • If a permissions agreement is not on hand for any element that you've checked, please list the element below and indicate if permission has been requested.

  • Do any of your photographs contain recognizable faces?_______________

If so, have you obtained releases from the subjects?___________________

  • Where you have obtained per-mission to reproduce material, what type of rights have you been granted? North American_____World in English_____ Worid in all languages________ If you are not sure of the type of rights you need, please check with your acquisitions editor.

.NOTE.- Permissions for material being reused in a second or subsequent edition must be renegotiated if they were limited to a specific edition. Please see page 100 of the Author's Guide.


Author: In order to register, the copyight for your book, we are equired to furnish the Libray of Congress with the information requested below. Please complete and sign this form.



_________________ _____________ ____________ _________

Name of Author Date of Birth Date of Death Citizenship

(if applicable)

________________ _______________ ____________ ___________

_________________ _______________ _____________ ____________

Year in which creation of this work was completed: if original work______

if revision___________

1. Identify (by providing the following information) any preexisting work or works that your book is based on or incorporates. (This does not refer to short excerpts quoted from other works for which permission has been or will be obtained.)




Year of Publication:__________________

2.Date of copyright registration certificate number, and name of copyright claim of any and all earlier version(s) of the work (if not previously copyrighted by Prentice Hall). Please furnish us with copies of any earlier versions, the copyright certificate, assignment of copyright, and the termination agreement with the previous publisher for all prior editions; also send us the permission file from the previous publisher.

3. For revisions: Give a brief general statement of the material that has been added and in which copyright is claimed.

______________________ _________________________

(Signature) (Date)

____________________ __________________________

(Signature) (Date)

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