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General Author Guide
For higher education authors, this general guide provides in-depth information on how to submit a proposal, an overview of the Prentice Hall production environment, and compositor's guidelines. Includes link to an online submission form.
Technical Author Guide #2
For computer science and engineering authors who WILL be providing Prentice Hall with camera-ready copy.
Non-Technical Author Guide #1
Covers the entire workflow cycle, from submissions of your manuscript to final revisions and publication. For PTR authors NOT providing Prentice Hall with camera-ready copy.
Non-Technical Author Guide #2
For PTR authors who WILL be providing Prentice Hall with camera-ready copy.
Technical Author Guide #1

The Editorial Staff

When your book has been accepted for publication by Prentice Hall, many people become involved in turning your original manuscript into the final bound book. It may help to familiarize yourself with how some of these people contribute to making your book a success.

Acquisitions Editor
The first person you will normally come in contact with at Prentice Hall is the editor who originally approached you about your manuscript, signed your contract, and followed the course of your manuscript's development up to the time of its acceptance for publication. This person, variously referred to as acquisitions editor, associate editor, subject editor, or publisher, we call simply the editor throughout this Guide.

Production Editor
Once your manuscript has been accepted and put into production, a production editor (also called a desktop editor) is assigned to supervise the transition from manuscript to bound book. This person oversees the internal design of your book, the copyediting and proofreading of your manuscript, the preparation of artwork, and the composition of pages, among other things. Because the production editor is in contact with artists, compositors, copy editors, and others involved in producing your book, he or she should be your first contact at every stage of production. He or she is the person most often available should you need information on the status of your book, answers to questions and solutions to problems, and advice on the best way to proceed.

Copy Editor
The copy editor reads your manuscript for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. He or she also checks organizational detail, consistency, and redundancy. The production editor employs a professional copy editor who has experience editing the type of manuscript you have written, and works closely with him or her. Typically, the copy editor has no direct contact with the author, so questions about the copyedited manuscript should be directed to the production editor.

Marketing Manager
The marketing manager works closely with the acquisitions editor to decide on the best marketing and sales strategy for your book. It is during this process that the design of the cover (one of the most important advertising pieces) is discussed.

Permissions Editor
The permissions editor grants authors of other publishers permission to use matter from your book, not the converse. Getting permission to use copyrighted material from other sources in your book remains your responsibility.

Reprint Editor
Everyone involved in producing your book works hard to make sure that the final product contains no errors. However, if your book requires corrections, the reprint editor sees that they are made before your book is reprinted.

A final word: We hope that this new edition of the Author's Guide will be as useful as past editions have been. If you come across any errors or have any observations on the content of the Guide, your editor or your production editor will be happy to have your comments.

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