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Cost Benefit Analysis: Concepts and Practice, 1/e

Anthony E. Boardman, University of British Columbia
David H. Greenberg, University of Maryland
Aidan R. Vining, Simon Fraser University
David L. Weimer, University of Rochester

Published January, 1996 by Prentice Hall Business Publishing

Copyright 1996, 493 pp.
ISBN 0-13-519968-9

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Numerous up-to-date illustrations and examples show students how theories and techniques are applied to real-world situations. Provides a practical orientation and introduction to cost-benefit analysis through problem solving.


illustrates concepts and methods through real-world examples and case studies for practical applications of technique.
provides updated advances in technique.
problems and exercises help insure comprehension.
extensive use of appendices to present essential materials of the book.
bibliography of numerous references for further exploration of subject matter.

Table of Contents
(NOTE: Each chapter (except Ch. 15) ends with exercises and notes.)

    1. Introduction to Cost-Benefit Analysis.
    2. Conceptual Foundations of Cost-Benefit Analysis
    3. Valuing Benefits and Costs When Demand and Supply Curves Are Known.
    4. Benefits and Costs in Different Time Periods: The Mechanics of Discounting.
    5. The Social Discount Rate.
    6. Dealing With Uncertainty: Expected Value and Sensitivity Analysis.
    7. Option Price, Option Value, and Quasi-Option Value.
    8. Existance Value.
    9. Estimating Impacts From Demonstrations.
    10. Estimating and Valuing Impacts from Observed Behavior.
    11. Contingent Valuation: Using Surveys to Elicit Information About Costs and Benefits.
    12. Shadow Prices from Secondary Sources.
    13. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis and Cost-Utility Analysis.
    14. Distributionally Weighted Cost-Benefit Analysis.
    15. How Accurate is CBA?
    A Selected Cost-Benefit Analysis Bibliography.
    Author Index.
    Subject Index.


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