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Basic Electronic Business Machines Calculations: An Introductory Course, 1/e

Albert G. Giordano, Monterey Peninsula College
Pauline K. Palmen, Western Junior College

Published April, 1992 by Prentice Hall Career & Technology

Copyright 1992, 160 pp.
ISBN 0-13-107954-9

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This text is great for self-paced instruction, proficiency in problem solving, and the development of marketable keyboarding skills.

Table of Contents

    I. Development of the Ten-Key Touch System of Operation.
    II. Skill Building: Speed and Accuracy.
    III. Basic Operations: Multiplication, Division, and Constants.
    IV. Advanced Operations: Accumulative and Negative Calculation.
    V. Fractions and Percentages.
    VI. Business Problem Solving.
    1. Optional Supplemental Business Problems.
    2. Reference Tables.
    3. Business Terminology Definitions.
    4. Answers to Self-Tests.


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