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Business Mathematics, 5/e

Esther Highland, City University of New York
Roberta S. Rosenbaum
Charles Peselnick, DeVry Institute of Technology, Columbus

Published November, 1996 by Prentice Hall Career & Technology

Copyright 1997, 641 pp.
ISBN 0-13-569146-X

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The fully updated Fifth Edition of Business Mathematics adopts the same successful strategy as its predecessors, emphasizing a logical and careful approach to solving the types of problems encountered in today's business world.


Includes coverage of key topics, including...

  • The modified ACRS method.
  • The breakeven point.
Offers revised illustrative examples and problems throughout.
Divides chapters into numbered sections with accompanying Test Yourself problems and solutions keyed specifically to each chapter's content.
Integrates Calculator Hints throughout the text to illustrate effective and efficient use of the calculator.
Offers BASIC computer programs to help readers understand the relationship between the variables in a given problem.
NEW—Features new Computer Spreadsheet Exercises providing an opportunity to practice spreadsheet mathematics in either Lotus or Excel.
NEW—Presents a new section on reading stock and bond tables, integrating practical real-world applications of published financial information.

Table of Contents
(NOTE: Each chapter closes with New Terms, New Formulas and Computer Spreadsheet Exercises.)
    1. Essential Mathematics.
    2. Percents and Their Applications.
    3. Pricing a Product.
    4. Commercial Discounts.
    5. Accounting Topics: Depreciation and Valuation of Inventory.
    6. Accounting Topics: Partnership, Profits and Payroll.
    7. Borrowing Money: Interest.
    8. Borrowing Money: Bank Discounts.
    9. Consumer Credit.
    10. Compound Interest.
    11. Annuities.
    12. Understanding Statistics.
    13. Investing.
    Appendix A: Review of Arithmetic.
    Appendix B: The Metric System.
    Appendix C: Tables.
    Appendix D: Answers to Odd Numbered Problems.


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