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Basic College Mathematics, 3/e

Ignacio Bello, Hillsborough Community College

Published January, 1990 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1990, pp.
ISBN 0-02-307951-7

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Excellent pedagogy and interesting problems are the key to Bello's developmental mathematics texts. Each chapter begins with a pre-test that lets students determine their own strengths and weaknesses. Within chapters, every section opens with a set of numbered objectives, each followed by a related example and problem. All subsequent exercises are also keyed to the objectives and accompanied by applications to show students how their math skills can be used. Review questions and diagnostic tests at the end of every chapter help students gauge their own progress. The text's clear, structured format gives students ample review at every step and helps them find pertinent information wherever they encounter difficulties.


“Algebra Bridge” sections illustrate similarities between arithmetic and algebra.
Diagnostic pre-test before each chapter.
Review notes covering what students should know before beginning each section.
numerous examples, interesting margin problems and exercises, all keyed to objectives.
summary, review problems, and diagnostic test following each chapter.
“Using Your Knowledge” features, with applications of the math skills learned in each section.

Table of Contents

    1. Whole Numbers.
    2. Fractions.
    3. Decimals.
    4. Ratio and Proportion.
    5. Percent.
    6. Measurement and the Metric System.
    8. Introduction to Algebra.
    Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems and Supplementary Exercises.
    Table of Square Roots.


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