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Differential Equations: Matrices and Models, 1/e

Paul Bugl, University of Hartford

Published November, 1994 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1995, 574 pp.
ISBN 0-02-316540-5

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This innovative text offers a modern presentation of differential equations with an emphasis on the use of software for the numerical implementation of relevant algorithms. Just enough linear algebra is covered early—2 chapters of material—so that systems of differential equations are emphasized throughout. Modeling ODES is also stressed throughout.


presents an integrated treatment of numerical methods for both matrix algebra and differential equations, while introducing numerical methods for differential equations initially at a basic level and again at a more advanced, more accurate level later on.
introduces linear algebra early and uses it often throughout the text to build student proficiency and familiarity with the subject. Avoids excessive proofs and derivations, providing proofs only when they aid in understanding the material or are absolutely essential.
incorporates insightful coverage of software to better prepare students for more advanced courses, though treating it not as the primary focus of the book, but rather as a useful adjunct.
offers a wealth of superb problem sets ranging from simple manipulations to more complex applications of concepts. Provides answers for most problems presented in the text.
contains numerous practical examples, proven by class-testing to prepare students to complete problems in the text and to apply these concepts to their other courses.

Table of Contents

    1. Matrix Algebra.
    2. Ordinary Differential Equations.
    3. Linear Spaces and Linear Transformations.
    4. Linear Differential Equations.
    5. Laplace Transforms.
    6. Systems of Linear ODE's.
    7. Nonlinear ODE's.
    8. Series Solutions of ODE's.
    9. Special Functions.
    Table of Laplace Transforms.


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