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X(PLORE) IBM for DOS Book/Disk, 1/e


Published February, 1993 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1993, 288 pp.
Paper Bound with Disk
ISBN 0-13-014226-3

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X(PLORE)—formerly called The Calculus Calculator—is designed to perform simple operations, and yet has the power to perform complex mathematical operations including those encountered in calculus,pre-calculus, advanced mathematics, as well as calculations for engineering, physics, chemistry and biology.


evaluates mathematical expressions, graph functions, solves equations, and computes integrals and derivatives.
available for use on a MAC or MS-DOS compatible computer—on desktop or laptop, with hard or floppy disk.
is completely programmable in a language much like Pascal and can perform any algorithm that can be written in a traditional programming language.
provides complete printer support for both dot-matrix and laser printers. All input formulas and results, including graphs in two- and three-dimensions, can be printed.
features a 200-page manual that explains all features in detail, and includes many sample solved problems.
offers ease of use. Users enter expressions just as they would ordinarily write them. On-line help is also available.
includes a host of advanced features as: lists; indexed sums and products; statistical functions; equation solving in several variables; complex numbers; binary and hexadecimal calculations; advanced graphics commands; user-control of tolerance constants in integration and equation-solving.

Table of Contents

    1. Before You Begin.
    2. Introduction to X(PLORE).
    3. Calculating with X(PLORE).
    4. Programming with X(PLORE).
    5. Technical Notes.
    6. Applications.
    Appendix 1: Commands.
    Appendix 2: Error Messages.


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