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XILINX Student Edition, Version 1.5, 1/e

Xilinx Inc.

Published February, 1999 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1999, pp.
Boxed Set
ISBN 0-13-020586-9

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For undergraduate-level and graduate courses in Digital Logic, Computer Design, Digital Signal Processing, Programmable Logic, and Computer Engineering. This software package provides a complete, ready-to-use, inexpensive digital logic learning environment which enables fast design and prototyping using industry standard-design tools from the #1 programmable logic vendor. The package includes software tools, lab design files, step-by-step, hands-on tutorials, and a coupon for discount on optional purchase of hardware development boards. Stressing actual construction and testing of logic circuitry, it presents a complete set of lab sessions on using FPGAs (Field Prog. Gate Arrays) and CPLDs (Complex Prog. Logic Devices) for beginning or intermediate logic design.
This is a selection from the Xilinx Design Series II.


Stresses practical, hands-on experience for learning how to design logic using FPGAs and CPLDs.
All design examples stress Schematic, VHDL, and ABEL; State Diagrams and Simulation are also included.
Presents a sequence of approximately 10 laboratories that progressively show more complex logic designs and how they are implemented.
Each design is built using both a CPLD and an FPGA so that students can follow the entire sequence using either type of device, or they can compare architectures. THE SOFTWARE
Provides the Xilinx Student Software (Foundation Series Express, Version 1.5) for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT operating systems.
Offers a versatile prototyping environment using the most common industry standard design tools—including Synopsis' FPGA Express for VHDL and Verilog synthesis; Aldec schematic entry; ABEL Hardware Description Language; waveform, timing, and VHDL simulation; programmable logic implementation software, and on-line documentation.
Features compatiblity with the full-featured commercial Xilinx software that is typically used in college labs—permitting users to implement designs up to 40,000 gates.

  • Enables students to work on designs at home and at the lab, or to use the lab computers for extremely large implementations.
The design files for all the lab sessions are included on the CD-ROM. THE LAB BOOK
Includes The Xilinx Practical Designer lab tutorial book, 2nd edition, which provides step-by-step instructions for designing and downloading multiple designs into Xilinx FPGAs and CPLDs.
Uses hands-on examples that progress from basic digital logic design through constructing state machines and on to building working microcontrollers. Each chapter shows designs entered as schematics or HDL and targeted to both FPGAs and CPLDs.
The Practical Xilinx Designer book also sold alone as (NTCA). gif/chlist.gif 1. The Digital Design Process. gif/chlist.gif 2. Programmable Logic Design Techniques. gif/chlist.gif 3. Combinational Logic. gif/chlist.gif 4. Modular Designs and Hierarchy. gif/chlist.gif 5. Electrical Characteristics. gif/chlist.gif 6. Flip-Flops. gif/chlist.gif 7. State Machine Design. gif/chlist.gif 8. Memories. gif/chlist.gif 9. The GNOME Microcomputer. gif/chlist.gif 10. The DWARF Microcomputer. gif/chlist.gif Appendix A. Building the XS40 and XS95 Lite Boards. gif/chlist.gif Appendix B. Using ABEL with Xilinx PLDs. gif/chlist.gif Index. THE HARDWARE
Contains a coupon for steep discounts on Xilinx FPGA and CPLD based prototyping boards developed specifically for this package.
Designs can be quickly downloaded to the prototyping boards and tested under actual operating conditions.
The prototyping boards can be reprogrammed an unlimited number of times, allowing students to modify and improve their designs.
Students will find their prototyping board useful for building digital systems throughout their college career. = © 1999  = 0-13-020586-9 = 2058F-4 = EE0701: @COURSENAME = Digital Design = EE0703: @COURSENAME = Digital Design Laboratory = EE0707: @COURSENAME = Advanced Digital Logic = EE0702: @COURSENAME = Computer Architecture = CS1001: @COURSENAME = Computer Organization and Architecture = CS1006: @COURSENAME = Logic/Digital Design = Course Guide Page 74 = @OTHERBREAKALT = OTHER TITLES OF INTEREST = Mano, Digital Design, 2/E, 1991 (0-13-212937-X) = Nelson, Digital Logic Circuit Analysis and Design, 1995 (0-13-463894-8) = Xilinx Student Edition—Available at discount prices packaged with the following texts: = Gajski, Principles of Digital Design, 1997 (0-13-301144-5) = Mano, Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals, 1997 (0-13-182098-2) = Wakerly, Digital Design: Principles and Practices, 3/E, 1999 (0-13-769191-2)


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