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Multivariable Mathematics, 3/e

Richard E. Williamson, Dartmouth College
Hale F. Trotter, Princeton University

Published November, 1995 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1996, 680 pp.
ISBN 0-13-181645-4

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This text explores the standard problem-solving techniques of multivariable mathematics — integrating vector algebra ideas with multivariable calculus and differential equations.


offers flexibility in coverage — topics can be covered in a variety of orders, and subsections (which are presented in order of decreasing importance) can be omitted if desired.
provides proofs and includes the definitions and statements of theorems to show how the subject matter can be organized around a few central ideas.
NEW—includes new sections on:

  • flow lines and flows.
  • centroids and moments.
  • arc-length and curvature.
  • improper integrals.
  • quadratic surfaces.
  • numerical methods.
NEW—presents refined method for solving linear systems using exponential matrices.
NEW—adds a chapter on infinite series — with application to differential equations.
contains an abundance of applications and worked examples and discussion problems.
provides many routine, computational exercises illuminating both theory and practice.
  • NEW—provides 50% more problems.

Table of Contents
    1. Vectors.
    2. Dot and Cross Products.
    3. Equations and Matrices.
    4. Derivatives.
    5. Differentiability.
    6. Vector Differential Calculus.
    7. Multiple Integration.
    8. Integrals and Derivatives on Curves.
    9. Vector Field Theory.
    10. First-Order Differential Equations.
    11. Constant-Coefficient Equations.
    12. Introduction to Systems.
    13. Matrix Methods.
    14. Infinite Series.
    Appendix: Finding Indefinite Integrals.
    Integral Table.
    Ansaers and Hints.


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