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Local and Metropolitan Area Networks, 5/e

William Stallings

Published May, 1996 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1997, 605 pp.
ISBN 0-13-190737-9

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Like its predecessors, this fully updated Fifth Edition of Local and Metropolitan Area Networks provides a clear, comprehensive presentation of LAN/MAN technology and the many emerging approaches to high-speed local networking. It meets the needs of today's students by emphasizing both the fundamental principles as well as the critical role of performance in driving LAN/MAN design.


Provides complete coverage of all local and metropolitan area technologies allowing students to compare and evaluate different approaches and thus gain a deeper understanding of each.
Offers detailed treatment of new high-speed LANs, including...

  • 100BASE-T.
  • 100VG-AnyLAN.
  • FDDI.
  • DQDB.
  • Fibre Channel.
  • Fast Ethernet.
Presents a complete discussion of standards, providing a thorough understanding of the range of standards relevant to LANs and MAMs.
  • Covers IEEE, FDDI, and DQBMAN.
Offers unified coverage of internetworking, examining and comparing the concepts of bridges and routers to enhance understanding.
Provides coverage of structured cabling systems and cabling types, developing a firm understanding in the strategy used to wire buildings and the emerging use of Category 5 UTP to achieve high data rates. Includes coverage of the revised EIA-568 standard.
Integrates a wealth of figures and tables to illustrate discussions.
Features numerous pedagogical aids, including an Internet mailing list, on-line transparency masters, and a solutions manual.
NEW—Includes coverage of wireless LANs, including infared and spread spectrum LANs, and the IEEE 802 wireless LAN standards.
NEW—increases emphasis on high-speed networks.
NEW—updates and expands coverage to include new treatment of...
  • Two recent 100-Mbps LANs that have evolved from the original Ethernet—100BASE-T and 100VG-AnyLAN.
  • Fibre Channel.
  • ATM LANs.
  • Wireless LANs.
  • Transmission media, including the Category 5 unshielded twisted pair specification.
  • Structured cabling systems, including the new EIA- 568 standard.
  • Use of intelligent hubs to consolidate switching, bridging and routing functions.
  • TCP/IP.
  • SNMP and the IEEE 802 specification.
NEW—organizes coverage into parts to provide topical overviews and allow readers to maintain context while moving through the text.
NEW—Completely revised chapter on network management, including detailed coverage of SNMP and SNMPv2.

Table of Contents
(NOTE: Each chapter closes with problems and a recommended reading section.) I. BACKGROUND.
    1. Introduction.
    2. Topics in Data Communications and Computer Networking.

    3. Topologies and Transmission Media.
    4. Protocol Architecture.
    5. Logical Link Control.
    6. Traditional LANs.
    7. High-Speed Ethernet-Like LANs.
    8. Fiber Distributed Data Interface.
    9. Fibre Channel.
    10. ATM LANs.
    11. Wireless LANs.
    12. Distributed Queue Dual Bus.
    13. LAN/MAN Performance.
    14. Bridges.
    15. Internetworking and Routers.
    16. Network Management.


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