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Framework Molecular Model Student Kit, 1/e


Published October, 1998 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1998, pp.
ISBN 0-13-330076-5

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This accurate, reasonably priced molecular model set enables users to represent all atoms having up to 12 electrons in their valence shells -- including those which cannot be built with the most expensive sets (i.e., cyclopropane, cubane, etc.).


features only two basic components -- metal valence clusters (tetrahedron, trigonal, bipyramid, and octahedron) and plastic tubing -- that allow the representation of any atom of the periodic chart.
metal valence clusters define bond angles precisely and can be adjusted to construct models of molecules with unusual bond angles.
color-coded plastic tubing enables clear identification of atoms.
2–color tubing of univalent atoms bonded to other atoms shows univalent atoms with correct covalent and van der Wall's radii.
shows molecular orbitals and electron pair orbitals.
components are easy to assemble and are reusable.
includes a separate booklet of instructions and a carrying case.


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