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Applied Calculus: A Graphing Approach, 1/e

David I. Schneider, the University of Maryland
David C. Lay, the University of Maryland

Published September, 1996 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1997, 488 pp.
ISBN 0-13-342478-2

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    Applied Calculus with Graphing Calculators-Mathematics


This reform text presents the basics of applied calculus through technology and practical uses. Written especially for students majoring in business, economics, life and social sciences. Topics include the applications of first and second derivatives and the integral as well as translations among graphs, formulas, numbers, and words.


This reform text introduces each topic on the graphing calculators through a geometric presentation before backing into the algebraic.
The main objective of the text is understanding the first and second derivatives and the integral, especially within the context of applications.
Provides detailed instructions on the use of the TI-82, TI-83, and TI-85 graphing calculators as well as Visual Calculus, an easy-to-use software package customized for this text. This text does not assume students were born with perfect knowledge of calculators.
The text places considerable emphasis on translating back and forth among graphs, formulas, numbers, and words.
Presents calculus in a manner that is intuitive.
Emphasizes fundamental concepts over symbol manipulation.
Constructed to allow the instructor the flexibility to determine the appropriate balance between technology and symbol manipulation.
Provides realistic applications that illustrate the uses of calculus in other disciplines.
Comprehensive exercise sets contain a wealth of problems ranging from traditional drill problems, problems to test understanding, and those that require the use of technology to solve. Problem sets are designed to allow instructors the opportunity to choose the balance most suitable.

Table of Contents

    1. Functions.
    2. The Derivative.
    3. Algebraic Differentiation and Its Applications.
    4. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.
    5. Applications of the Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.
    6. Antidifferentiation and Differential Equations.
    7. The Definite Integral.
    8. Functions of Several Variables.
    Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises.


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