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Solid Modeling with I-DEAS, 1/e

Sheryl A. Sorby, Michigan Tech University

Published August, 1999 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 2000, 200 pp.
ISBN 0-13-490186-X

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    I-DEAS - Computer-Aided Drawing-AutoCAD/Engineering Graphics/Drafting


Designed for undergraduate courses in Engineering Drawing, Engineering Graphics, and Computer-Aided Drawing (CAD). Based on a 3-D approach to design, this text emphasizes how modeling is inherently different from 2-D CAD. Beginning with a brief introduction to the design process in the context of concurrent engineering, this text proceeds to cover topics such as the I-DEAS work environment, file management, sketching, revolution, applying and modeling 3-D constraints, features and feature-based modeling, lofting, sweeping, and extracting data from 3-D models.


Each chapter includes a set of “Guided Tours” that walk students through features of I-DEAS.

  • Encourages students “to learn by doing.”
Chapters conclude with an ample number of drawing problems.
  • Help reinforce topics from the chapter.
Solid Modeling with I-DEAS can be used on its own, or as a supplementary text to 3-D Visualization for Engineering Graphics, or any other Prentice Hall Graphics book.

Table of Contents
    1. Engineering Design.
    2. User Interface and File Management in I-DEAS Software.
    3. Displaying 3-D Objects.
    4. Creating 3-D Parts from 2-D Geometry.
    5. Two-Dimensional Constraints.
    6. Construction Techniques.
    7. Modifying Objects.
    8. Advanced Modeling Techniques.
    9. Extracting Data from 3-D Models.
    10. Assembly Modeling.


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