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Discrete Mathematics, 4/e

Richard Johnsonbaugh, De Paul University

Published September, 1996 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1997, 690 pp.
ISBN 0-13-518242-5

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This best-selling book provides an accessible introduction to discrete mathematics through an algorithmic approach that focuses on problem- solving techniques. This edition has the techniques of proofs woven into the text as a running theme—each chapter has the problem solving corner.


This is the text with the greatest breathe and depth of CS coverage.
Stresses the importance of reading and doing proofs.
Presents a thorough discussion of algorithms, recursive algorithms, and the analysis of algorithms.
A significant number of applications, especially applications related to computer science.
More than 650 figures and tables are provided to illustrate concepts, show how algorithms work, and to clarify proofs.
A notes section with suggestions for further reading.
A reference section with over 100 references.
Endpapers that summarize the mathematical and algorithmic notation used in the book.
NEW—Eleven Problem-Solving, one per chapter, Corner sections added to show users how to solve problems and do proofs.
NEW—Section 1.5 on proof by resolution, which is important in artificial intelligence.
NEW—A section on binary and hexadecimal systems.
NEW—A section devoted to the RSA public key cryptosystem.
NEW—Figures to illustrate proofs.
NEW—The addition of a number of recent books and articles to the list of references.
NEW—An increase in the number of worked examples to over 430 and exercises to more than 2400.

Table of Contents

    1. Logic and Proofs.
    2. The Language of Mathematics.
    3. Algorithms.
    4. Counting Methods and the Pigeonhole Principle.
    5. Recurrence Relations.
    6. Graph Theory.
    7. Trees.
    8. Network Models and Petri Nets.
    9. Boolean Algebra and Combinatorial Circuits.
    10. Automata, Grammars, and Languages.
    11. Computational Geometry.
    Appendix: Matrices.
    Hints and Solutions to Selected Exercises.


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