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MATLAB Project Book for Linear Algebra, 1/e

Rick L. Smith, University of Florida

Published December, 1996 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1997, 248 pp.
ISBN 0-13-521337-1

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This book is intended as a supplement to and is compatible with any linear algebra text. It is assumed that the computer is equipped with the software package MATLAB, and the instructor is sufficiently conversant with MATLAB to answer questions and grade these projects.


Contains 34 linear algebra labs intended to be worked on independently by students on a computer.

Table of Contents

    1. Systems of Linear Equations.
    2. Building Matrices.
    3. Polynomials.
    4. Graphics.
    5. Bézier Curves.
    6. Lagrange Interpolation.
    7. Complex Numbers.
    8. Errors.
    9. Chaos and Fractals.
    10. Flops.
    11. Norms and Condition Numbers.
    12. Trangular Systems.
    13. The LU Decomposition.
    14. Inverses.
    15. Subspaces.
    16. Dimension and Rank.
    17. Billiards.
    18. The Null Space.
    19. Projections.
    20. Least Squares.
    21. Linear Transformations.
    22. Error Connecting Codes.
    23. Splines.
    24. Orthonormal Bases.
    25. The QR Factorization.
    26. Eigenvalues.
    27. The Arnold Cat.
    28. The Power Method.
    29. Markov Chains.
    30. Projective Geometry.
    31. Computer Graphics.
    32. Symmetric Diagonalization.
    33. The Singular Value Decomposition.
    34. Rigid Frameworks.
    MATLAB Index.
    Linear Algebra Index.


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