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Mathematical Analysis for Business, Economics and The Life and Social Sciences, 4/e

Jagdish C. Arya, Simon Fraser University
Robin W. Lardner, Simon Fraser University

Published December, 1992 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1993, 880 pp.
ISBN 0-13-564287-6

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Featuring a de-emphasis of mathematical detail and an emphasis on techniques, this volume focuses on the applications of basic mathematics, algebra, finite mathematics, and differential and integral calculus in the fields of business and economics, and the social and life sciences.


uses an intuitive approach — all mathematical theorems, proofs, concepts and ideas are first described intuitively and conversationally; then worked out mathematically.
features an abundance of step-by-step worked out examples and procedures (with solutions in full detail).
integrates a great number and variety of carefully chosen applications throughout.
offers a diversity of exercises (5000 total) including true/false and applied word problems (with answers to odd-numbered exercises).
uses boxes to emphasize major formulas and results, and features marginal “think boxes” related directly to adjacent discussions.

Table of Contents

    1. Review of Algebra.
    2. Equations in One Variable.
    3. Inequalities.
    4. Straight Lines.
    5. Functions and Graphs.
    6. Logarithms and Exponentials.

    7. progressions and the Mathematics of Finance.
    8. Probability.
    9. Matrix Algebra.
    10. Inverses and Determinants.
    11. Linear Programming.
    12. The Derivative.
    13. Calculation of Derivatives.
    14. Optimization and Curve Sketching.
    15. More on Derivatives.
    16. Integration.
    17. The Definite Integral.
    18. Several Variables.
    Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises.


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