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Finite Mathematics and Its Applications, 6/e

Larry J. Goldstein, Drexel University
David I. Schneider, University of Maryland
Martha J. Siegel, Towson University

Published August, 1997 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1998, 613 pp.
ISBN 0-13-741877-9

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A text for finite mathematics courses taught to first- and second-year college students, especially those majoring in business and the social and biological sciences. This “tried and true” text offers an extremely readable coverage of the principles of finite mathematics and their application in business, social science, and the life sciences. The book divides naturally into four parts. The first part consists of linear mathematics: linear equations, matrices, and linear programming (chapters 1-4); the second part is devoted to probability and statistics (chapters 5-7); the third covers topics utilizing the ideas of first two parts (chapters 8-10); and the fourth covers topics from discrete mathematics sometimes included in the modern finite mathematics curriculum. In revising this book, the authors incorporated a wide range of topics from which the instructor may design a curriculum, as well as a high degree of flexibility in the order in which the topics may be presented.


NEW—The use of technology is optional in this text, however, many topics can be enhanced by graphing utilities.

  • Wherever relevant, students are shown how to use a graphing tool (TI-specific) to assist in understanding fundamental concepts.
NEW—Each chapter ends with a Review of Fundamental Concepts—questions that help the student recall and focus on key concepts of the chapter.
NEW—Incorporates new exercises and applications throughout the text.
NEW—An optional section on the graphical representation and interpretation of data begins the chapter on statistics.
NEW—Method of Least Squares—The presentation of straight lines has been extended to include least-squares fits to incorporate real data.
NEW—An optional section on simulation has been added to the chapter on probability.
NEW—Includes actual examples and questions from CPA, GMAT, and GRE Economics exams.
—Enhanced Software—The high-quality and user-friendly version of Explorations in Finite Mathematics, (this is packaged in the Student's Solutions Manual) has been expanded to include a routine that calculates least-squares and helps students visualize the meaning of a best fit.
NEW—Excel tutorials and projects located on the PH companion website. FEATURES
Realistic applications illustrate the uses of finite mathematics in other disciplines. The applications are used to motivate mathematics wherever possible.
  • The Index of Applications allows students to reference the wide variety of applications.
  • For example, the concept of linear programming is introduced via a discussion of production options for a factory with a labor limitation.
    (chapter 3)
The many worked examples include computational details to enhance student comprehension.
More than 2200 exercises.
Interesting and more challenging applications are included at the end of the exercise sets.
Carefully selected practice problems are located at the end of each section just before the exercise set.
  • Complete solution follow the exercise sets.
  • The practice problems often focus on points that have proven to be potentially confusing or are likely to be overlooked.
Due to the great variation in student preparation, prerequisites are kept to a minimum. Furthermore, topics that tend to cause problems for students are reviewed as needed.

Table of Contents
    1. Linear Equations and Straight Lines.
    2. Matrices.
    3. Linear Programming, A Geometric Approach.
    4. The Simplex Method.
    5. Sets and Counting.
    6. Probability.
    7. Probability and Statistics.
    8. Markov Processes.
    9. The Theory of Games.
    10. The Mathematics of Finance.
    11. Difference Equations and Mathematical Models.
    12. Logic.
    13. Graphs.
    Appendix A: Tables.
    Appendix B: Using the TI-82 and TI-83 Graphing Calculators.
    Answers to Exercises.


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