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Mastering MATLAB 5: A Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference, 1/e

Duane C. Hanselman, the University of Maine
Bruce C. Littlefield, the University of Maine

Published December, 1997 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 1998, 638 pp.
ISBN 0-13-858366-8

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This comprehensive text covers all aspects of MATLAB presented within an easy-to-follow "learn while doing" tutorial format.


Provides a complete reference to all MATLAB functions and graphics properties in one text as opposed to the many manuals that accompany MATLAB itself.
Presents numerous examples that illustrate the usefulness of MATLAB in solving real-world problems.
Includes Mastering MATLAB Toolbox, a collection of over 100 MATLAB M-files that demonstrate the use of MATLAB in performing practical tasks. It also provides tools for Fourier series; interpolation; curve fitting; optimization; data analysis; graphical data analysis; array manipulation; plotting data; GUI construction; and GUI control of axes, line and surface properties.
NEW—Covers all features of MATLAB Version 5.
NEW—Improves coverage of Numerical Analysis.
NEW—Expanded treatment of low level file I/O.
NEW—Clearer explanations on GUI Building.
NEW—More M-file examples.

Table of Contents

    1. Getting Started.
    2. Basic Features.
    3. The Command Window.
    4. Script M-files.
    5. File and Directory Management.
    6. Arrays and Array Operations.
    7. Multidimensional Arrays.
    8. Relational and Logical Operations.
    9. Set, Bit, and Base Operations.
    10. Character Strings.
    11. Time Functions.
    12. Cell Arrays and Structures.
    13. Control Flow.
    14. Function M-Files.
    15. Debugging and Profiling Tools.
    16. Numerical Linear Algebra.
    17. Data Analysis.
    18. Polynomials.
    19. Interpolation.
    20. Cubic Splines.
    21. Fourier Analysis.
    22. Optimization.
    23. Integration and Differentiation.
    24. Ordinary Differential Equations.
    25. Object Oriented Programming.
    26. 2-D Graphics.
    27. 3-D Graphics.
    28. Using Color and Light.
    29. Images, Movies, and Sound.
    30. Printing and Exporting Graphics.
    31. Handle Graphics.
    32. Graphical User Interfaces.
    33. Dialog Boxes and Requesters.
    34. Help.
    35. Internet Resources.
    36. The Mastering MATLAB Toolbox.


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