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Thinking Mathematically, 1/e

Robert E. Blitzer, Miami-Dade Community College

Coming December, 1999 by Prentice Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics

Copyright 2000, 950 pp.
ISBN 0-13-948845-6

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For a one-/two-term course in liberal arts mathematics, or survey of mathematics. More than any other course/text, Liberal Arts Math depends on strong engaging applications. Bob Blitzer's books are highly acclaimed for their well conceived, relevant applications. Combine the two and you get Thinking Mathematically. This highly anticipated first edition achieves the difficult balance between coverage and motivation while helping students develop strong problem-solving skills. Blitzer's examples, problems and applications foster both an appreciation and understanding of mathematics and encourage students to take the math a step further into their everyday lives. Blitzer's use of current data and examples drawn from real life are used to develop key mathematical concepts, as well as reduce math anxiety in students. Thinking Mathematically also integrates information on technology useful to students throughout. Graphing calculators, spreadsheets, and the Internet are all covered along with tips on using technology and optional technology-based exercises found in each Chapter. This book provides students with the skill building and practice so crucial at this level as well as the applications and technology necessary to foster an appreciation of the myriad uses of mathematics as they go forward in their college careers and beyond.


Excellent applications using current data on topics of interest to students—Introduce and develop key mathematical concepts.

  • Students are able to see the relevancy and uses of mathematics increasing their appreciation for the significance of key concepts.
Exceptionally clear and accessible presentation.
  • Blitzer is a truly gifted writer who makes sure that students will grasp the material.
Detailed, step-by-step examples are given—No steps are omitted and each step is clearly explained.
  • Well done step by step examples help students through “sticking points” that can cause the student's enthusiasm to wane during assignments and studying.
Study Tips—Offer suggestions for solving exercises, point out common student errors, and provide informal tips. These invaluable hints appear in abundance throughout the text.
Extensive and well-organized exercise sets—Found at the end of each section. Exercise sets are organized into six categories to make it easy for instructors to select exercises in a manner that is consistent with their vision of the course. Each exercise set contains a broad range of simple, intermediate, and challenging exercises. The six categories include:
—Practice Exercises.
—Application Exercises.
—Writing in Mathematics.
—Technology Exercises.
—Critical Thinking Exercises.
—Group Activity Exercises.
Enrichment Essays—These essays explore the ways in which mathematics both shapes and clarifies the world around us. Topics ranging from Ratios in Baseball to Junkmail and Conditional Trickery make it clear that math not only surrounds us but can be fascinating to people who aren't necessarily mathematicians.
MathPak/Website—Provides an integrated learning environment linking the text with key supplements and web-based materials. Students are able to get the most out time spent studying because MathPak puts all of the text's support material at their fingertips. (see supplements page)

Table of Contents
    1. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking.
    2. Set Theory.
    3. Logic.
    4. Number Representation and Calculation.
    5. Number Theory and the Real Number System.
    6. Equations and Inequalities.
    7. Graphs, Functions, and Linear Systems.
    8. Consumer Mathematics and Financial Management.
    9. Measurement.
    10. Geometry.
    11. Probability Theory.
    12. Statistics.
    13. Mathematical Systems.


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