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Introductory Ethics, 1/e

Fred Feldman, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Published January, 1978 by Prentice Hall Humanities/Social Science

Copyright 1978, 224 pp.
ISBN 0-13-501783-1

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Clear, accurate presentation of the most important classical and contemporary theories in normative and metaethics—utilitarianism (act and rule), egoism, the categorical imperative, social contract theory, formalism, relativism (belief and conceptual), naturalism and non- naturalism, emotivism and prescriptive. Integrates thorough discussion of related concepts including justice, the will, autonomy, promises, punishment and universal law.

Table of Contents

    1. Morality and Ethics.
    2. What is Act Utilitarianism?
    3. Act Utilitarianism—Arguments Pro and Con.
    4. Problems for Act Utilitarianism.
    5. Rule Utilitarisnism.
    6. Egoism.
    7. Kant I.
    8. Kant II.
    9. Rant and Rawls.
    10. Ross' Formalism.
    11. Relativism.
    12. Naturalism in Metaethics.
    13. Moore and Non-Naturalism.
    14. Emotivism.
    15. Prescriptivism.


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