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Foundation Vibration Analysis Using Simple Physical Models, 1/e

John P. Wolf, Swiss Federal Inst. of Technology, Lausanne,

Published May, 1994 by Prentice Hall PTR (ECS Professional)

Copyright 1994, 464 pp.
ISBN 0-13-010711-5

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Offering a strength-of-materials approach to foundation dynamics, this volume shows how to use such simple physical models (cones, lumped-parameter models, and prescribed wave patterns in the horizontal plane) for analysis of foundation vibration problems that result from earthquakes, machine foundation, explosions, winds, and ocean waves on offshore platforms.


considers foundation on surface of homogeneous soil halfspace; foundation on surface of soil layer on rigid rock; embedded foundation and pile foundation; simple vertical dynamic-Green's function; seismic excitation; and dynamic soil-structure interaction.
features easy-to-use tables and detailed case studies.
offers a strength-of-materials approach to foundation dynamics—the cone models (with the prescribed deformation of rod/bar theory); the lumped-parameter models based on them; and the deformation patterns in the horizontal plane.
provides physical insight with conceptual clarity. Three- dimensional problems become one dimensional, which can still represent the salient features of the problems to be solved.
features easy-to-use tables specifying the coefficients of the springs, dashpots, and masses of the lumped-parameter models representing quite general foundations for a wide range of geometrical dimensions and material properties. Summarizes key equations—e.g., of the cone properties—on one page.
presents case studies—detailed solutions with all intermediate results of examples from actual practice.

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction.
    2. Foundation on Surface of Homogeneous Soil Halfspace.
    3. Foundation on Surface of Soil Layer on Rigid Rock.
    4. Embedded Foundation and Pile Foundation.
    5. Simple Vertical Dynamic-Green's Function.
    6. Seismic Excitation.
    7. Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction.
    Appendix A: Interaction Force-Displacement Relationship and Green's Function of Cone Model.
    Appendix B: Consistent Lumped-Parameter Model.
    Appendix C: Recursive Evaluation of Convolution Integral.
    Appendix D: Dynamic Stiffness of Foundation on or Embedded in Layered Soil Halfspace.


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