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Computer Networks, 3/e

Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Vrije University, The Netherlands

Published March, 1996 by Prentice Hall PTR (ECS Professional)

Copyright 1996, 848 pp.
ISBN 0-13-349945-6

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This is the first book that explains how computer networks work inside, from the hardware technology up to and including the most popular Internet application protocols. While students are not expected to have a background in computer networks or advanced mathematics, a general background in computer systems and programming is assumed.


NEW—Emphasis on TCP/IP. All OSI examples have been replaced by TCP/IP examples.
NEW—This is the first networking text to treat ATM, TCP/IP and wireless technologies all in one book.
NEW—The running examples throughout the book are TCP/IP and ATM networks.
NEW—Extensive coverage of the World Wide Web and its protocols including the multimedia Mbone, JAVA, Domain Name System and Usenet News.
NEW—Extensive coverage of IP (Internet Protocol) including IPv6, OSPF, Internet Multicasting, and Mobile IP.
NEW—Covers all the latest mobile and wireless technologies including CDMA, CDPD, and PCS.
NEW—All new coverage of network security including secret and public key algorithms.
NEW—In-depth coverage of high speed networking technologies including: ATM, B-ISDN, FDDI, and high speed LANS.
NEW—Special section on multimedia covers audio, video, data compression, video on demand and MBone.
Expanded coverage of routing and congestion control algorithms.

Table of Contents

    1. Introduction.

      Uses of Computer Networks. Network Hardware. Network Software. Reference Models. Example Networks. Example Data Communication Services. Network Standardization. Outline of the Rest of the Book. Summary.

    2. The Physical Layer.

      The Theoretical Basis for Data Communication. Transmission Media. Wireless Transmission. The Telephone System. Narrowband ISDN. Broadband ISDN and ATM. Cellular Radio. Communication Satellites. Summary.

    3. The Data Link Layer.

      Data Link Layer Design Issues. Error Detection and Correction. Elementary Data Link Protocols. Sliding Window Protocols. Protocol Specification and Verification. Example Data Link Protocols. Summary.

    4. The Medium Access Sublayer.

      The Channel Allocation Problem. Multiple Access Protocols. IEEE Standard 802 for LANS and MANS. Bridges. High-Speed LANS. Satellite Networks. Summary.

    5. The Network Layer.

      Network Layer Design Issues. Routing Algorithms. Congestion Control Algorithms. Internetworking. The Network Layer in the Internet. The Network Layer in ATM Networks. Summary.

    6. The Transport Layer.

      The Transport Service. Elements of Transport Protocols. A Simple Transport Protocol. The Internet Transport Protocols (TCP and UDP). The ATM AAL Layer Protocols. Performance Issues. Summary.

    7. The Application Layer.

      Network Security. DNS—Domain Name System. SNMP—Simple Network Management Protocol. Electronic Mail. Usenet News. The World Wide Web. Multimedia. Summary.

    8. Reading List and Bibliography.

      Suggestions for Further Reading. Alphabetical Bibliography.



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