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Introductory Ordinary Differential Equations: Including Ten Fully Solved Practice Examinations, 1/e

Peter Schiavone, University of Alberta, Canada

Published March, 1998 by Prentice Hall PTR (ECS Professional)

Copyright 1998, 217 pp.
ISBN 0-13-907338-8

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A recommended workbook for students preparing for examinations in a second-year course at colleges or universities. This book is divided into three parts. The first part reviews the main theories and techniques or ordinary differential equations. The second part includes 5 midterm and 5 final practice examinations with solutions. The third part consists of an Appendix of useful prerequisite techniques from calculus.


Provides a quick and easy reference section to complement exam solutions.
Provides fully worked-out solutions to each examination.
Contains five practice midterm examinations and five practice final examinations.
Reduces exam-anxiety by providing students with the opportunity for a “dress-rehearsal.”
Solutions get to the heart of the matter quickly, allowing the student to learn the material more efficiently.

Table of Contents

    Terminology/Notation/Basic Concepts.
    Review of Solution Methods for First-Order Ordinary Differential Equations.
    Separable equations.
    Homogenous Equations.
    Exact Equations.
    Linear, First-Order Equations.
    Integrating Factors.
    Review of Solution Methods for Higher-Order Ordinary Differential Equations.
    Linear Differential Equations—Theory.
    Linear Differential Equations—Constant Coefficients.
    Euler's Equation.
    Method of Undetermined Coefficients.
    Variation of Parameters/Reduction of Order.
    Laplace Transformations.
    Matrix Methods.
    Series Solutions.

    5 Midterm Examinations.
    5 Final Examinations.
    Solutions to all 10 Examinations.
    Appendix of Useful Prerequisite Techniques.


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