Geotechnical Engineering: Principles and Practices includes the following computer software:

Stress Analysis  
STRESSP  Geostatic and induced stresses beneath a point load 

STRESSL  Geostatic and induced stresses beneath a line load

STRESSR  Geostatic and induced stresses beneath a rectangular area load 

STRESSC  Geostatic and induced stresses beneath a circular area load 

FILLSETT  Ultimate consolidation settlement due to weight of a fill 

SETTRATE Rate of consolidation settlement due to weight of a fill 

Spread Footing Foundations
FOOTING  Bearing capacity and settlement of spread footings 
This software uses the 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 95, Windows 98, or  Windows NT).  Additonal system requirements are listed in Appendix C.

This software is available only to owners of the book Geotechnical Engineering: Principles and Practices.  It is not freeware, and may not be distributed to others.  To install this software, you will need to supply a keyword from the book.


Downloading and Installation Instructions

1.  Download the geotechnical analysis software files from the Prentice Hall website by clicking here.  Save this self-extracting .zip file to your C: drive.

2. Double clicking on this file will unzip the files and save them to a new folder, "geotechsoft."

2.  Using Windows Explorer, open the "geotechsoft" folder and double-click on setup.exe.  The setup routine will then decompress the files and place them in a permanent folder on your hard drive.  By default, the files are placed in c:\program files\geotechnical analysis software, but you may choose to place them in some other folder.  The setup routine also places an item "Geotechnical Analysis Software" under the Start button - Programs.

3.  Click on the Windows Start button, then go to Programs and to Geotechnical Analysis Software.  This will start the software.  Alternatively, you can use Windows Explorer and double click on c:\program files\geotechnical analysis software\geotechnical analysis software.exe.

4.  Delete the "geotechsoft" folder created in Step 2.

5.  The first time you run the software, you will be asked to input a keyword from the book.  This will complete the installation process.  Then follow the instructions on the screen to reach the main menu.


Uninstallation Instructions

To remove the geotechnical analysis software from your computer, click on the Windows Start button, then go to Settings and Control Panel.  Once the control panel window appears on the screen, select Add/Remove Programs.  Select Geotechnical Analysis Software and click on Add/Remove.

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