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Human Resource Management
Ninth Edition
Gary Dessler
Prentice Hall, Inc.
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Human Resource Management, Ninth Edition

Online Support
In addition to the dozens of new technology-based text examples such as how to recruit employees and conduct salary surveys on the Internet, we've achieved this expansion in technology in several ways:

New! This edition offers a fully developed online course for HRM in the following formats:


Companion Web Site (
The 9th edition's Web site represents a tremendous leap forward, offering the most robust, content-rich Web support available with any HRM text. This site provides professors with a customized course Web site, including communication tools, one-click navigation of chapter content, resources such as current events and Internet exercises, as well as the Video Guide for the On Location Video Series. For students, there is an interactive study guide (multiple-choice, true/false and essays), an Internet Resource section that provides Web links for all of the companies and Web resources listed in the Dessler text, additional HR forms and figures, appendices to the 9th edition (Establishing HR Systems, Managing Your Career and Quantitative Job Evaluation Methods,) self-assessment exercises, a video tutorial and an HRCI Certification Exam Guide.

A powerful new point-and-click syllabus creation tool
that faculty can use for each course and section they teach. Additionally, faculty can annotate and link each resource on the Web site to their syllabi. Faculty can even upload their own personal resources to our site and have these resources available to their students via their personalized syllabus.
Check it out:

New! On Location! Video.
In these part-ending video segments, students will watch a panel of real-life HR executive from companies like BMG and hotjobs discuss current Human Resource issue like sexual harassment and discrimination, recruiting, the complexities of restructuring, incentives and benefits, labor relation and the successes and failures of expatriate employees.

New! Human Resource Management Skills CD-ROM.
Developed by Mary Gowan, of the University of Central Florida, this student CD-ROM focuses on essential HR Skills such as Strategic Planning and Recruitment, Job Analysis, and Total Rewards. Each module contains an introduction, a skills section that allows the student to apply his or her knowledge through interactive exercises, and finally a quiz that tests students on the material covered in the module. Also included on this CD-ROM is the HR Skills Video Series.

Multimedia PowerPoint Presentation.
Available on the Instructor's Resource CD-ROM, and prepared by George A. Wynn, of University of South Florida, this comprehensive set of PowerPoints contains over 800 color slides, allowing professors the flexibility to create a presentation that will best suit their classroom needs. In addition to key chapter material, as well as text figures and tables, this presentation includes original content not found in the new edition, slide notes to aid instructors, and multimedia components such as video clips, audio, additional Web links and resources and animated graphics.

Instructor's Resource CD-ROM.
On a single CD, professors can find the Instructor's Manual, PowerPoint presentation and the Win/PH Test Manager. Containing all of the questions in the printed Test Item File, Test Manager is a comprehensive suite of tools for testing and assessment and allows educators to easily create and distribute tests for their courses.

Instructor's Resource Manual.
In the new edition of the Instructor's Resource Manual, instructors will find chapter summaries, annotated lecture outlines with PowerPoint references, key terms, and answers to all end-of-chapter and case material. Also included is a Video Guide that provides video cases and teaching notes.

Test Item File.
Over 100 questions per chapter including multiple-choice, true/false, short-answer and essays.