Information Systems: A Management Perspective

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Facts and Factoids

  • Data powers of ten

  • Growing number of computer viruses

  • Internet milestones
    This sequence of dates start with 1962, when John Licklider, a scientist at MIT wrote a memo outlining a "Galactic Network," a globally interconnected set of computers to provide access to data and programs from anywhere. The last date is 1999, when Forrester Research research forecast $108 billion of retail sales on the Internet by 2003.

  • Has Moore's Law been in operation for a century?
    This Web address contains Chapter One of Ray Kurzweil's book In the Age of Spiritual Machines. About half way through the chapter is a summary of Moore's Law, which describes the exponential increase in the power of computers, with a doubling every 18 months for the roughly 30 years. Several pages later Kurzweil explains that the exponential progress has actually continued for a full century and has gone through five generations of computing: mechanical computing devices, electromechanical devices, vacuum tube computers, discrete transistor computers, and integrated circuit computers.

  • Maps
    This site at the University of Iowa contains a large number of maps that were selected because they are thought to be reasonably useful and/or interesting.

  • Illusions
    This site presents a number of impossible figures and optical illusions. In each case, the mystery is why the illusion has its effect.

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