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Automatic Speech Recognition (page 379)

I think that the primary means of communication with compuers in the next millennium will be speech.

-Nicholas Negroponte, director of MIT's Media Lab


Voice Recognition


Speech Recognition Web Site.
This web site was designed for users and enthusiasts of speech recognition, voice recognition, and voice dictation software.

Computing Out Loud.
This site is intended to help people using speech recognition software for Windows, whatever the variety, and to do so without the filters of vendors.

This site provides a range of information on speech technology, including synthesis, speech recognition, and speech coding.

Computer Speech and Language.
Computer Speech & Language publishes papers of original research related to quantitative descriptions of the recognition, understanding, production, and coding of speech by humans and/or machines.

Intelligent Speech Analyser (ISA) Software.
Looks at the various analysis programs and the methods they employ. Also includes an archive of articles that have used the Intelligent Speech Analyser.

Speechreading (Lip-reading).
An archive containing many resources on Lip-reading presented by the Perceptual Science Laboratory at the University of California - Santa Cruz.

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