PHStat Updates

Download the PHStat 1.4 Update here. Be sure to read the instructions below.

Download Details

Filename: UPDATE14.exe
File size: 1.89 MB
Estimated download time @ 28.8: 20 minutes
use link below
Download Now

PHStat 1.4 Update Download Instructions

  1. Download and save to your hard disk the PHStat 1.4 Update.
  2. Run the UPDATE14.exe file to unpack files for and begin the PHStat 1.4 update setup program. (By default, these files will be unpacked to your Windows Temporary directory, but you can select another directory if you choose to do so.)
  3. Review the licensing and informational screens as the PHStat 1.4 Update setup program displays them. (You must accept the terms of the licensing agreement or else you cannot install this free update.)
  4. Complete the setup process. (This process is similar to the setup process for your earlier version of PHStat, except that this setup process will inform you when it is ready to automatically uninstall your earlier version of PHStat.)
  5. After the setup process completes, reboot your Windows system before using PHStat and Microsoft Excel.

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