About Jeffrey A. Hoffer

Jeffrey A. Hoffer (Ph.D., Cornell University) is Professor and Chair of MIS and Decision Sciences at the University of Dayton. Co-author with Fred McFadden and Mary Prescott of Modern Database Management, Fifth Edition, and of Modern Systems Analysis and Design, Second Edition with Joey F. George and Joseph S. Valacich, Dr. Hoffer has authored numerous other books, monographs, and research articles. He is also a founder of TIMS College on Information Systems, the International Conference on Information Systems, and the Association for Information Systems. His current research and teaching interests include systems analysis and design methodologies (comparison of structured and object-oriented methods), database design and administration (re-engineering organizations via data modeling), human-computer interaction (usability of tools and techniques for systems analysis and design), and management of technology (adoption and diffusion, business re-design through technology).

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