Modern Systems Analysis and Design, 2nd edition

Second Edition, 912 pages, 1999, Cloth


Jeffrey A. Hoffer, University of Dayton
Joey F. George, Florida State University
Joseph S. Valacich, Washington State University

Short Description:

Soon after its first publication in 1995, Modern Systems Analysis and Design, an innovative new text for tomorrow's systems developers and project managers, became one of the most widely used systems analysis and design textbooks in the marketplace. This textbook is renowned as being one of the most technically accurate in its field. The new edition can be bundled with Oracle Designer/2000 and Developer/2000 software, making this the most affordable textbook + CASE/developer tool offer available!

The Course:

The much anticipated second edition of Modern Systems Analysis and Design features a slightly more streamlined approach with the very latest SA&D coverage. Rather than strictly focusing on the technological perspective, this textbook emphasizes the business perspective and focuses on emerging human, organizational, and technical skills needed by information systems professionals. When the second edition is used in tandem with Modern Database Management, 5e by Fred R. McFadden, Jeffrey A. Hoffer, and Mary B. Prescott (1999-Prentice Hall), students can follow a common systems development framework in the SA&D and database sequence.

Just the Facts:

New to this edition:

  • Oracle Designer/2000 Edition! Order Modern Systems Analysis and Design: Oracle Edition and your student will receive the textbook packaged with the Oracle Designer 2000/CASE tool on CD-ROM and a Designer 2000 user's guide. The cost is only $8 more than the textbook alone.

  • Designer/2000 is used as the primary CASE tool for illustrations.

  • Significant coverage has been added to the new edition about increasingly important systems development methods: Object-oriented analysis and design and Rapid Application Development (RAD)

  • The new edition has been streamlined based on customer feedback. Related topics have been consolidated and less important material is being moved to the Modern Systems Analysis and Design web site.

  • New problems and end-of-chapter exercises have been added throughout the entire text and are arranged by level of difficulty.

  • New part opening cases profile Oracle and Cambridge Technology.

  • Broadway Entertainment Company cases have been updated and now apply a CASE tool more familiar to adopters.

  • Expanded teaching package: Instructor CD-ROM includes on-line testing software and test bank, PowerPoint® show, and instructor's manual. Also new is the 2/e state-of-the-art web site.

  • New Chapter 4: Tools for System Development focuses on current tools for systems development, not just CASE tools, with an emphasis on visual development environments.

  • Web-based development project costs is now covered in Chapter 6: Initiating and Planning Systems Development Projects.

  • Chapter 12: Object Oriented Analysis now covers this material in a full chapter, providing flexibility for instructor's who want to teach with an Object-Oriented approach. The very latest object-oriented systems analysis and design methods and techniques are addressed which is consistent with the latest UML standards.

  • Chapter 13: Rapid Application Development now covers this material in a full chapter. RAD coverage has been expanded to address the process and advantages/disadvantages; includes examples of RAD approaches to system development.

  • Chapter 20: System Implementation: Documenting, Testing, and Implementation combines two chapters on implementation into one.


Instructor's Resource CD-ROM
New for 2e adopters! Includes Instructor's Manual, TestGenEQ/QuizMaster EQ with User's Guide, and PowerPoint Presentation with figures from the text.

Instructor's Resource Manual
The Instructor's Manual provides answers to all text review questions, problems, and exercises, plus teaching suggestions. Also includes a list of the transparency masters available on the Instructor's Resource CD-ROM.

Printed Test Bank
Includes 40-60 multiple choice, 15 matching, and 5 essay questions per chapter.

EDS Video
This video series is prepared by Electronic Data Systems Corporation specifically to accompany and consists of four videos, approximately 15 minutes in length, that focus on systems analysis and design. A new segment will be available with the 2e.

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