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Oracle8i Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does PH provide technical support for the Oracle software?
PH does not provide technical support for this software. Oracle is a commercial product that PH is able to offer at an extremely discounted price to package with our Hoffer, McFadden, Valacich, and Kendall/Kendall texts. However, PH does offer basic information regarding installation, etc. Please see the information below, as well as the text Web sites for further information.

FYI: There is an Oracle in Academia mailing list that is run by Dr.Jerry Flatto at the University of Indianapolis. To subscribe to the list, send a message to:

What are the titles and versions of software in the current Oracle8i Prentice Hall package?
The Prentice Hall package of Oracle8i includes:
Oracle8i Personal Edition Release 8.1.5 for MS Windows NT
Oracle8i Personal Edition Release 8.1.5 for MS Windows 98
Oracle Designer 6.0 for MS Windows NT (two CDs total; second CD titled "Pre-configured Repository")
Oracle Forms and Reports 6i for MS Windows NT

What about Developer? Is that still part of the Oracle package?
Yes, Forms and Reports 6i in the new package was formerly called Developer.

Do Designer 6.0 and Forms and Reports 6i also run on Win 95/98?
Oracle intended these products to be used on MS Windows NT. Both products contain a server component that will only work on an NT server, but there are functions that will work on Win 95/98.

Is the software in this Oracle8i package limited? Will it expire after a certain amount of time?
The software does not expire, but it is limited in that it is for academic use only.

Can my school install this software on our lab networks if every student buys a copy of the text + Oracle package?
No. Oracle’s License Agreement, contained in the Oracle package, states that this software is for single computer use only. The License Agreement is between Oracle and the user, not Prentice Hall and the user.

Can I order the Oracle8i package by itself? Can I get a sample of the software?
The Oracle8i software can only be sold in a package. Prentice Hall offers the software packaged with four of our MIS texts: Hoffer, McFadden, Valacich, and Kendall/Kendall. Please see your Prentice Hall representative for further ordering information and to obtain a sample of the Oracle8i software + book package that you are interested in.

Are there installation instructions or help files included in the package?
Yes. Please see the file titled "welcome.htm" on each CD for detailed installation instructions. Please also be sure to visit the Oracle Technology Network for further information and registration: If you are using the Hoffer, McFadden, or Valacich texts, visit the text Web site for additional Oracle resources.

What are the systems requirements for the Oracle8i package?

Minimum System Requirements for Oracle 8i Personal Edition for Windows 98 and Windows NT
Intel 486
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Microsoft Windows 98 or higher
32 MB RAM (48 MB recommended if using replication)
85 MB hard disk space minimum

Minimum System Requirements for Designer 6.0 for MS Windows NT
At each client workstation:
Pentium 90 MHz processor
32 Mb RAM
1 Gb hard disk
298-587 Mb available disk space, depending on the options chosen
Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95 or Windows 98
SQL*Net Client 2.3.4 and SQL*Net Client 8.0.5 *
Network protocol adapter (e.g., Oracle TCP/IP Adapter for a TCP/IP network)
SQL*Plus 3.3.4 and SQL*Plus 8.0.5 *

Minimum System Requirements for Forms and Reports 6i for MS Windows NT
IBM or 100% compatible PC with a Pentium processor
CD-ROM drive functioning as a logical drive
Windows 95 Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5 or later)
128 MB of RAM
Database server — Oracle8 (8.0.5 or 8.0.6) or Oracle8i (8.1.5 or 8.1.6) Net8 for Windows

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