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Installing Oracle7 DBMS on Windows 95/98

Insert the Personal Oracle7 CD into your CD-ROM drive. Open Windows Explorer and expand the CD-ROM drive(Figure 1.1). Run setup.exe and a splash screen appears (Figure 1.2).

Figure 1.1:

Figure 1.2: Oracle7 Splash Screen

Oracle7 will ask in which language to install (Figure 1.3). Choose your preferred language and click OK. Make sure all applications are closed before moving on (Figure 1.4).

Figure 1.3: Preferred Language Selection

Figure 1.4: The Welcome dialog warns you to close any open applications before installation

Choose a home directory for the Oracle installation. This will become the default value for ORACLE_HOME (Figure 1.5). Oracle informs you that the autoexec.bat file will be modified to append the PATH environment variable (Figure 1.6). Click OK. Select Personal Oracle7 - All Products as the type of installation (Figure 1.7). Select the Standard installation type, which will install a starter database for you (Figure 1.8).

Figure 1.5: Setting ORACLE_HOME

Figure 1.6: Autoexec.bat Modification Warning

Figure 1.7: Installation Type

Figure 1.8: Starter Database Installation

Oracle now prompts you for a location of the help files. If you would like to install them locally to the hard disk, select Hard Drive. Otherwise, choose CD-ROM (Figure 1.9). Oracle will begin to install files to your hard disk. When successfully finished, Oracle will prompt for a successful installation (Figure 1.10). Click OK and Oracle shows a reminder to reboot for changes to autoexec.bat (Figure 1.11).

Figure 1.9: Documentation Location

Figure 1.10: Installation Completed Successfully

Figure 1.11: Reboot For Changes to Take Effect

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