Oracle Tools for Application and Database Modeling and Design

How to use Oracle's packaged documentation.

The Oracle documentation packaged with the Personal Oracle 7.3.4 is located in the \Doc directory of the CD-ROM or the \Doc directory of the local Oracle installation. The page Products.htm (Figure D1.1) acts as the main menu for the 5 subdirectories. They are:

  • Installation- Oracle's version of the installation process (Figure D1.2). Includes system requirements, notes, and instructions of uninstalling the product.
    Figure D1.1: Oracle Documentation Main Menu

    Figure D1.2: Oracle Installation Reference

  • Personal Oracle 7- By far the most useful section (Figure D1.3), this section includes an Administrator's Guide, References for SQL and Server concepts, Utilities help, Tuning, and more. This secion also contains the complete listing of Oracle error codes (Figure D1.4)
    Figure D1.3: Personal Oracle 7 Documentation

    Figure D1.4: Oracle Error Codes

  • Networking- This section has information for Network Administrators and the basics of SQL*Net (Figure D1.5).
    Figure D1.5: Networking Documentation

  • Application Programming Interfaces- This section is a programmer's guide to the Oracle API's (Figure D1.6).
    Figure D1.6: Oracle API Documentation

  • Oracle Master Glossary- Use this section to look up terms and concepts used in the documentation set(Figure D1.7).
    Figure D1.7: Oracle Master Glossary

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