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Using a Designer 2000 Repository

Step 1: Log on to Designer 2000 Repository Administration Utility
You are now ready to begin the process of adding users to the repository. Open up the Repository Administration Utility and log in with the owner account.

Figure 3.1: The Designer 2000 Repository Administration Utility Connect Dialog

Figure 3.2: Designer 2000 Repository Administration Utility with a Repository Installed

Step 2: Add the Manager and User Accounts to the Repository
Hit the Maintain Users button. The User Maintenance Dialog appears. Select Managers and hit the Add button. The User Properties Dialog appears. Select the manager account and add any necessary information for Full Name and Description. Do the same for the user account. Verify the accounts are associated with the proper groups and hit Reconcile to finish the process.

Figure 3.3: The User Maintenance Dialog

Figure 3.4: Add the Manager Account

Figure 3.5: Add the User Account

Figure 3.6: Verify Associations

Figure 3.7: Reconciliation of the Repository

Figure 3.8: Reconciliation Complete

Step 3: Create an Application System
You are now ready to create an Application System. Start Designer 2000 and log on with the manager account. The Application System Dialog will appear with no current systems. Enter a System in the text box and hit the create button. (A common error occurs here where the account used to create the application system was added to the repository as a user and not a manager. See RME-00011 - Operation 'INS' on ci_application_systems has failed if you receive this error.). The system will appear as version 1 in the selection box. Select the Application System and hit the OK button to launch the Designer 2000 main window. You need to set permissions for the user account, so hit the Navigator button to launch the Repository Object Navigator utility. In the Application menu, select Grant Access by Appl..., this will bring up the Application System Access Rights Dialog. Hit the Add User button, select the user account you created earlier, and hit OK. Grant the Insert, Update, and Delete rights to the user account and hit the Grant button.

Figure 3.9: The Application System Dialog

Figure 3.10: Naming a New Application System

Figure 3.11: Creating a New Application System

Figure 3.12: The Designer 2000 Main Window

Figure 3.13: The Designer 2000 Repository Object Navigator
Figure 3.14: Application System Access Rights Dialog

Figure 3.15: Select a User to Add to the Application System

Figure 3.16: Choose Access Rights to Grant to the User

Figure 3.17: Grant Access Rights

NEXT: That's it! You are now ready to begin using Designer 2000 tools.
Check out the Common Problems Area for answers to questions and frequent error codes.

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