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This QuickStart Installation Guide was written for the previous versions of Personal Oracle (7.3), Developer/2000, and Designer/2000, which were sold packaged with the Hoffer/George/Valacich and McFadden/Hoffer/Prescott texts. The books are now sold in packages with the new Oracle software: Oracle 8i Personal Edition, Oracle Designer 6.0, and Oracle Forms and Reports 6i (formerly called Developer). Between releases, Oracle made a few slight changes to its directory structures and to its file names. These changes are all documented below. However, it is important to note that the changes described below are only for the Windows 98 installation of these products, not for NT or for Windows 2000.

Please note that these differences described below are from the experience of one person. Neither Prentice Hall nor Oracle makes any claims about the authenticity or accuracy of these comments.

1)  I installed personal Oracle 8i before I installed Forms and Reports 6i (formerly called Developer) and Designer 6.0. When I was done, I found that personal Oracle 8i would then not connect with the local database. This is because personal Oracle 8i will not allow you to install Designer and Forms and Reports into the same "Oracle home" as personal Oracle. After much trial and error, I solved the problem by deinstalling personal Oracle and then reinstalling it. This is pretty easy to do, as the installer that comes with personal Oracle 8i allows you to only uninstall the installer itself and personal Oracle. After the reinstall, the database connected immediately.

I don't know what would happen if you installed Designer and Forms and Reports first and then tried to install personal Oracle 8i. I would hope that you would then be able to connect to the local database with no problem, but I don't know since I did not do my install in that order.

2)  There are some changes in file names, etc., that have an impact on the repository building instructions. These are primarily just a shuffling of directory names. Here are the changes that I found:

  1. Part 1, "Preparing to install a Designer 2000 repository on Windows 95/98," Step 2:
    Personal Oracle 8i now stores the database files in the directory c:\oracle\oradata\orcl The database files now have a suffix .dbf instead of the suffix .ora

  2. Part 1, Step 5:
    The special repository owner role is still called DES2000_OWNER even though this version is Designer 6. The SQL script to create the role has the same name, but its location has changed: It is now in c:\oracle\repadm60\utl

  3. Part 1, Step 6:
    The initorcl.ora file is now simply called init.ora and it can now be found in c:\oracle\admin\orcl\PFILE\
    You will probably not need to change the size of the "shared_pool_size" parameter, as Step 6 advises you to do, because it is already set at 15,728,640 MB. Step 6 advises you to change it to 6 MB, but it is already bigger than this.

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