Tutorial for Designer/2000, by Saonee Sarker


The objective of this tutorial is to expose you to some important features and tools of Oracle Designer/2000 and Developer/2000. You will learn how to use Designer/2000 and create E-R diagrams, Function Hierarchy diagrams, Process diagrams, and Data Flow diagrams that are needed to design a database and implement a user defined system in client's organization. Later on, in this tutorial, you will also learn the basics of Developer/2000 that will help you create forms, reports, and screens, and finally generate a working application system.

Tutorial Overview:

The project you will work on this tutorial will be to build a hypothetical "Student Registration System"-- a system that manages student requests for enrollment in courses at a university. This highly simplified system will have Student Information, Course Information and also data regarding the enrollment of students in different courses.

This tutorial will have 13 lessons. 1-11 are currently here, and 12-13 will be posted soon. Please note that these lessons have not yet been copyedited. Once they are, the revisions will be posted here.

These lessons will focus on:

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