Tutorial for Designer/2000
and Developer/2000

Lesson 11, page 2

  1. To change the name of your query, right click on it and select the Property Palette. (See Figure 11.9)

    Figure 11.9

    Figure 11.9: Selecting the Property Palette of the Query

  2. Immediately, you will see the window for the Property Palette. Change the name by typing in the name (Q_StudMajor) beside the 'Name' tab, and press enter. You can also change or edit your SQL query by clicking on the space beside the SQL Query Statement tab. (See Figure 11.10)

    Figure 11.10

    Figure 11.10: The Property Palette window for the Query

  3. Your Data Model should now look like the one in Figure 11.11.

    Figure 11.11

    Fig. 11.11: The Edited Data Model

  4. Recall that we have been asked to create a report that will display a list of students and their related information organized by Majors. To do this, we will move the Major records into a separate record group. In Oracle Developer/2000 terms, it is called to 'break out'. First, click on the G_Major, and drag and lower it to create more space between the record group and the query. Then select Major, and drag and drop it on the line connecting Q_StudMajor and G_Major. (See Figure 11.12)

    Figure 11.12

    Figure 11.12: Creating a Break Group

  5. Your Data Model should now look like the one in Figure 11.13 with a new group for Major.

    Figure 11.13

    Figure 11.13: The Edited Data Model with a separate record group for Major

  6. Right click on the G_Major to go to its Property Palette. Change its name to G_Break. (See Figure 11.14)

    Figure 11.14

    Figure 11.14: The Property Palette for the Major record group

  7. Your Data Model should now look like Figure 11.15.

    Figure 11.15

    Figure 11.15: The Updated Data Model

  8. Now select Report Wizard from the Tools Menu to generate the report. (See Figure 11.16)

    Figure 11.16

    Figure 11.16: Selecting the Report Wizard from the Tools Menu

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