Tutorial for Designer/2000
and Developer/2000

Lesson 11, page 3

  1. You will now see the first screen of the Report Wizard. Type in "List of Students by Major" in the Title box. Next, select the radio button for Group Above in order to create breaks after record groups for each Major. Now, click Next. (See Figure 11.17)

    Figure 11.17

    Figure 11.17: Selecting a report style using the Report Wizard

  2. You will now see your SQL statement again. You can edit your statement here if you choose to. At this time we will use the query that we had entered earlier. Click Next. (See Figure 11.18)

    Figure 11.18

    Figure 11.18: Editing the SQL Statement

  3. You will now be prompted to select the fields that you would like to designate as group fields. You will find that Oracle has already selected Major. (See Figure 11.19). Now, select the next tab, Fields.

    Figure 11.19

    Figure 11.19: Selecting a field to Designate as group Field

  4. You will now be asked to select the fields that you will display in your report. We would like to see all the fields, so click on the double right facing arrows to select all the fields and click Next. (See Figure 11.20).

    Figure 11.20

    Figure 11.20: Selecting the Fields that are to be displayed in the Report

  5. You will now be prompted to select fields for which you would like to calculate totals. Let us assume that we have been asked to provide the total number of students in each major and also the Grand total of the number of students. To do this, select StudID, and click on Count. (See Figure 11.21).

    Figure 11.21

    Figure 11.21: Selecting a Field on which you will calculate a total

  6. Your Screen should look like Figure 11.22 with Count (StudId) in the Totals column). Click Next.

    Figure 11.22

    Figure 11.22: A view of the Totals Screen

  7. You can now modify your labels and their width. In this case we have put a colon and a space after Major and have changed the label for CountStudIdPerReport to "Number of Students: " and click Next. (See Figure 11.23)

    Figure 11.23

    Figure 11.23: Modifying the labels and their width of the report.

  8. The final modification involves selecting an appropriate template for the report. In this case, we will select Corporate2 from the list provided. You are free to select any template of your choice. Click Finish. (See Figure 11.24)

    Figure 11.24

    Figure 11.24: Selecting an appropriate template for the report

  9. Your report should now look like the one in Figure 11.25.

    Figure 11.25

    Figure 11.25: The newly created report

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