Tutorial for Designer/2000
and Developer/2000

Lesson 3, page 2

  1. To create another organizational unit (Admissions), select the following icon from the toolbar and drop it on the Unspecified unit.

    Create Organization Unit

  2. You will now see the Create Organization Unit window (See Figure 3.6). To create a new organizational unit named Admissions, type in the name and short name as shown, and click OK.

    Figure 3.6

    Figure 3.6: The Create Organization Unit

  3. You will now see two organizational unit areas, one for Admissions and one for Unspecified. (See Figure 3.7).

    Figure 3.7

    Figure 3.7: The process diagram with two organizational units

  4. Using steps 6 and 7 create one other organizational unit named REGISTRAR'S OFFICE ( Short Name: REG). (See Figure 3.8).

    Figure 3.8

    Figure 3.8: Screen with three organizational units

  5. Next, we create the external called Student with label SR1.

  6. You will now see the Create Process Window. Enter the Short Definition and Label as in the figure (See Figure 3.9). Select Type as "External" from the drop-down box. Then press OK. (See Figure 3.10 for a view of the process diagram with the newly created external).

    Figure 3.9

    Figure 3.9: The Create Process/External Window

    Figure 3.10

    Figure 3.10: The Process Diagram with newly created External

  7. Next we create a process called Check Student Status in the Registrar's Office (organizational area). To do this:

    Figure 3.11

    Figure 3.11: The Create Process Step Window

  8. Using step 12, create two additional processes named "Check Course Details" and "Update Enrollment." (See Figure 3.12 for a view of your diagram up to this point.)

    Figure 3.12

    Figure 3.12: Process Diagram with the three new Process Steps

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